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if i’d been in your shoes 
i don’t think i would’a choosed 
to do anything i knew you couldn’t bare 

now if it were up to me 
you’d be swallowed by the sea 
and you’d never ever come back up for air 

i don’t mean no offense 
but your life’s a fucking mess 
and i’m overtired of calling you my friend 

you’re unemployed and bored 
more and more, i’m pretty sure 
that i’m happy that you couldn’t hold your end 

i came here for my bearings 
and i left with understanding 
why you’re gradually ending up more on your own 

you look just like a sheep 
for someone with such sharp teeth 
after all this time, your cover’s finally blown

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fish shaming [x]

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petition to not exist for the next three weeks or so


youre gonna look so godamn cool

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why he lick me


why he lick me

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every episode of x files


mulder: scully u dtb

scully: what

mulder: down to Believe

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